We clothe local students  grades K4-12!

Our History
Founded by St. Vincent de Paul, the Ladies of Charity responded to the needs of the poor in 17th century France. Together with St. Louise de Mariliac, they went quietly about their tasks, seeking no recognition, serving Christ in the person of the poor. The Milwaukee Chapter of the Ladies of Charity was officially chartered in November 1957.

For the past 60 years, our members have given the gift of self, time, devotion and perseverance in an effort to bring dignity to each person and to respond with compassion to every human misery. We currently have 120 volunteer members, and we invite you to join our organization.

Our lasting legacy is the Children’s Clothing Center which provides free clothing to more than 800 children in Milwaukee each year.  We depend on the generosity of individuals to supply the clothing and pay for our rent, utilities and other expenses.
Board Members
  1. Claire Wycklendt
    Claire Wycklendt
  2. Paulette Pecard
    Paulette Pecard
    Vice President
  3. Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson
    Immediate Past President
  4. Cathy Onopa
    Cathy Onopa
    Vice President
Evelyn Beyer

Spiritual Moderator
Cathy Liska

 Corresponding Secretary
Patricia Neibor

Jill Ecklund

Mary Domer
Adele Eklund
Mary Johnson
Jane Schieffer

Committee Chairs​​
Charity Chat Newsletter
Pat Matusiak, Cathy Seelman, Nancy Sturino

Clothing Store
Sally Lautman, Sharon Pircon, Gail Proite Adams

Christmas Luncheon
Ali Faber, Terri Klug

Day of Reflection
Anne Rice, Jo Burgoyne
Mary Roets, Tracy Hobbs

Opening Breakfast

Annual Fund
Cathy Liska

Member Honors​​

Evelyn “Evie” Beyer

At a young 90, Evelyn “Evie” Beyer, has served our association for many years. As recording secretary, she has helped many presidents with her detailed note taking at each meeting, and she has filled binders with our history. With her daughter Jane, she compiles, edits, prints and emails our association newsletter, Charity Chat. We are blessed to have Evie as a dedicated member of our organization.

Sister Mary Elizabeth Cullen

Our former Spiritual Moderator, Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul Sr. Mary Elizabeth Cullen, along with 14 other honorees, received a Vatican II Award for her distinguished and outstanding service to the Church. Sr. Mary Elizabeth was recognized for her instrumental role “in helping minister to the poor and vulnerable in southeastern Wisconsin, and in establishing the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Dental Clinic, a program sponsored by Columbia St. Mary’s that provides dental care to impoverished people.”

Sr. Mary Elizabeth left her role as the Milwaukee LOC Spiritual Moderator when she moved to St. Louis to help at the Rehabilitation Hospital at the DePaul Health Center. We miss her and continue to wish her well in her new work and home.

Jane Schieffer

Jane Schieffer was inducted as an Affiliate to the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul on Sunday, September 26th, 2010. The two characteristics of affiliation are: 1) the affiliate has helped the Daughters of Charity either by gift or by his or her devotion and work; 2) the Community offers affiliation as an expression of gratitude.

Past and local Daughters of Charity have known Jane since her days as a student nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital and her long years of nursing leadership until 1985. It is not for her professional nursing leadership, however, that Jane was recognized as an Affiliate, but rather for her role with Ladies of Charity. The majority of you reading this know the results of her energy, drive and perseverance to improve the clothing store for children and, most importantly, to recruit younger members for the organization and keep it alive and healthy for the future. Jane exemplifies the spirits of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise in her dedication to the needs of others and her zeal in alleviating suffering.